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    Our sale generals conditions

    These conditions of sale are concluded on the one hand by the society ELECTROVIN which registered office is located in ZI de Plaisance, Rue de Ratacas in Narbonne, registered in the trade and societies ledger under the number 439 784 067 00019 (APE 453A) hereinafter called “ELECTROVIN” and, on the other hand, by every individual and legal entities to set about a purchase by the way of “ELECTROVIN” web site, hereinafter called “the buyer”.




    The present conditions of sale aim to definite the contractual relationship between ELECTROVIN and the buyer and applicable conditions for every purchase ordered by the way of ELECTROVIN web site, whether professional or customer the   buyer can be.


    The buyer acknowledges that he read these standard terms of sale prior to placing all orders and represents that he shall comply in good faith with the obligations set forth hereinafter.


    These general conditions of sale will prevail on any general or specific conditions of purchase or opposite provisions, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the seller in writing.


    ELECTROVIN expressly reserves the right to modify its general conditions of sale at any moment,  without prior notice and without incurring any liability in this respect. The price of the manufactured products is payable in the conditions of the initially accepted order.




    The items and services are presented in our web site catalogue.


    It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the items he wishes to purchase still exist and have not been subject to modifications. The items are available in the limit of the stock.


    Photographs in the catalogue are as representative as possible but can not ensure a perfect similarity with the proposed item, especially in colours matter.




    Prices included in the catalogue have to be considered as free of taxes, are expressed in Euros and take in account the VAT rate applicable the day the item has been ordered. Every rate change may have consequences on the price of the items and services, according with the willing of ELECTROVIN.


    ELECTROVIN expressly reserves the right to modify the prices at any moment. The price of the manufactured product is payable in the conditions of the initially accepted order.




    The buyer, wishing purchase an item or a service must:


    -fill the identification form, on which he will give all expected address and phone number.

    -fill the on-line order.

    -validate his order after checking.

    -pay according with planned conditions.

    -confirm order and payment.


    The confirmation of the order implies agreement and recognition to perfectly agree the conditions of sale and to give up prevailing on own or other conditions.

    The whole given data and registered confirmed order will prove the transaction. The confirmation will represent signing and agreement for carried out operations.


    The seller will send by mail the registered confirmed order.




    Items or services are to be paid in the same time they are ordered.

    The buyer account will only be debited when items or services are delivered


    On his request, the buyer will be sent a written invoice, VAT emphasizing.




    Deliveries will be realised at the address shown on the order form.


    The buyer will incur all risks concerning the items, as soon as they leave ELECTROVIN facilities. In case of damage during the transport, justified claims have to be expressed to the carrier, within three days from the delivery.


    Delivery time is given for information; if the delivery is late for more than thirsty days, from the order, the selling contract can be cancelled, the buyer can be repaid.




    A no conform sold item can be returned to the seller, who can take it back, change it or repay for it.


    All claim, change or repay requests have to be carried out by post mail within seven days from the delivery, at the following address: ZI de Plaisance, Rue de Ratacas, 11100 NARBONNE.





    In on-line sale process, the seller is only required by the means he uses; his responsibility cannot be involved by damages due to the Internet network using as data loss, intrusion, virus, service breakdown, or other involuntary problems.





    All elements inside ELECTROVIN web site are and will take part of the intellectual exclusive ELECTROVIN property.


    The elements, whether software, visuals or sounds they can be, cannot be represented or reproduced in any case, they cannot be exploited, broadcast or used for any reason, even partially.


    Any simple or hypertext link is strictly forbidden without expressly ELECTROVIN prior permission in writing.





    In accordance with the 1978 January 6th law relative to information technology, files and liberties, personal information from the buyer can be relevant to an automatic handling.


    ELECTROVIN reserves the right to gather information relative to the buyers including “cookies”, and, if wishing, to send collected information to commercial partners.


    The buyers can oppose to the divulgation of their coordinates when pointing out to ELECTROVIN. Users also have at their disposal the right to access and modify their personal data, in accordance with the 1978 January 6th law.




    ELECTROVIN will archive order forms and invoices on a reliable and lasting support, constituting a faithful copy, in accordance with the civil code1348 article.


    The parties will consider ELECTROVIN information technology registers as proof for communications, orders, payment and transactions between them.





    These on-line conditions of sale are submissive to the French law.


    In case of dispute, appropriated courts will be relevant, despite defenders plurality or warranty calls.